Electronic Filing LLIN01 issue with Corporate Appointees

We’ve recently noticed that the transcript of the LLIN01 for electronically filed LLPs wrongly states the member type as “Person” when in fact they are corporate appointments.

There’s an example here, but any post June 30th LLPs seem to have been affected.

There’s no information on the governing law, registration number and legal form. Just an invalid date of birth showing as:


Any ideas what would cause this?

Sorry I will get someone to investigate for you, thanks

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Hello @cowiz

We’ve been working on some fixes for this.

A fix for the image showing person rather than corporate is due to be implemented in the next couple of days.

We are investigating some issues with the governing law etc. I will add this one to the list.

The date of birth showing 12/9999 is what we were asked to put on the image, which seems a little odd. I will investigate whether that should be changed.

Nigel Preece

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Hi @npreece appreciate the update, thanks!