Forename and Surname authoriser requirement for Corporate officers?

For Corporate officers, I have found examples both with and without the authoriser’s Forename and Surname. Are the authorising Forename and Surname required under any circumstances? Or are they optional?

It seems from this post Appointing New officer as corporate that you do not provide the authorising Forename and Surname when adding corporate’s after incorporation. But during incorporation are there any corporate officer types that require them?

  • Corporate Director
  • Corporate Subscriber / Guarantor
  • LLP Corporate Member
  • Corporate PSC


    <CorporateName>Turner Inc</CorporateName>


    <CorporateName>Turner Inc</CorporateName>

Hello Luke,

For Corporate officers, the authoriser details are no longer required due to the legislation relating to “Consent to Act”.

They are still required for Corporate Subscribers though.