Further DATAMEM Update

As previously advised, we will be supplying the image of the Memorandum of Association that we create from Wednesday 19th May via v3.6 of the schema - in addition to the Certificate of incorporation.

We’ll supply both these images as a 2 page document via the DocRequest polling procedure (Document Key).

Page 1 will contain the Certificate of Incorporation – Page two will contain the Memorandum of Association (up to 46 subscribers allowed per page). These PDF images are legal proof of company registration.

It is expected that you will be able to test this, via your XML test accounts, from Thursday 15th April (we will confirm this on the date). As with the current test process for the Certificate, dummy data will be returned for Memorandum of Association image.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that v3.6 will replace v3.3 from Wednesday 19th May – v.3.3 will be retired from this date.

For information, the v3.6 Schema can be found here, along with several examples:
Companies House XML Gateway Input - Schema Status

Also, from 19th May, schema v3-6 will be validated to ensure data memorandum indicator is true.