FURTHER UPDATE to Presenter Account Application (Non fee bearing Statutory Accounts filings)

You will be aware that we launched a new service to request a presenter account (non-fee bearing) to file accounts via software on Monday 3rd June: Apply to file with Companies House using software - GOV.UK

Any new request for a presenter account will need to be requested via this route. Customers can still use presenter accounts they obtained via the old process to file.

The presenter IDs created via the new service begin with the letter ‘E’ and are followed by 10 numbers. The presenter IDs created via the old process are 11 numbers. The format for the presenter code remains unchanged.

We wanted to bring this distinction to your attention as software providers so that you can ensure that your systems allow for the letter ‘E’ to be entered to accommodate the new format of the presenter account. Systems should also still allow for the old format.

There is no change to the format of the presenter code / password (also known as the Authentication Value in xml submissions).