Gateway response to iXBRL Accounts filing submission

I am attempting to file iXBRL accounts using the FormSubmission schema etc. The submission appears to go ok and GetSubmissionStatus + SubmissionNumber shows a status code of PENDING but the response to the submission I get from the gateway contains nothing of much use. Is this right?

<GovTalkMessage xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:dsig="" xmlns:gt="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <Keys />

I realise that I’ve got the timestamp in there but I was expecting a submission status or some kind of acknowledgement in the <Body> tag. Am I expecting too much?

PS The links to the accounts image examples on the schema status page under FormSubmission-v2-7.xsd are broken.

Good afternoon.

A PENDING response in TEST is correct.

During the testing process, it is up to Companies House to check the submissions and change the status of each accordingly.

Please supply a relevant example of your FULL TEST iXBRL to


Thanks for the reply.

I realise that PENDING is correct on the status request I was more concerned with the fact that the response to the filing submission itself was empty. ie nothing in the body or header to indicate that it had been received, not even returning the submission number (even though I realise it does contain the transaction id).

I will send the full request to you shortly.


Good afternoon SDN,

Related to this, from reading the “Companies House XMLXBRL Technical Interface Specification” v4.20, my understanding from the Testing section is that GetSubmissionStatus would return a random status:

GetSubmissionStatus (polling) | Random dummy ‘accept’ and ‘rejects’ will be returned using the submission and company numbers in the request. Any reject error messages will not apply to the data submitted but can be used to confirm that the software receives differing message types. Accepted incorporation requests will include a dummy code to enable the completion of GetDocument

Your note above leads me to believe that this isn’t true for Accounts submissions. I am currently working to ensure that our software will respond correctly to the different status types (ie PENDING, ACCEPT, REJECT), and was expecting to be able to use TEST submissions to generate a sample responses for all these types.

To do this, should I submit both a correct iXBRL account and one that would be rejected, and then inform yourselves?

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Yes, you are correct.

Any tests that require attachment data (i.e. incorporations, accounts, mortgage charge registrations) need to be manually checked by CH, and the status altered accordingly.

If you have tests that need checking, please e-mail with your test presenter ID and we will review.


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