GetSubmissionStatus 9999 fatal Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference

We have just started receiving this error: GetSubmissionStatus 9999 fatal Can’t use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference

Ok thanks we will take a look

Could you send xml and submission numbers to Simon Nicholas


It fixed itself shortly afterwards. This as happened before on a couple of occasions.

im still getting this issue in live.can some body help please?it worked perfectly in test mode.

Hello Suresh,

As I have previously suggested, a way of avoiding this is to poll by submission number, rather than presenter ID.


Thanks simon for reply.Yes,I tried both the ways as you said earlier and told you about the issue with submission number as well.can you please look into it. below issue with submission number.
XML failed schema validation: Invalid XML: Not enough elements to match content model : ‘((CompanyNumber|SubmissionNumber),PresenterID)’ line 27 column 25

Hi Suresh,

No other users are reporting this, or the ARRAY reference, issue. As such, this does not appear to be a Companies House issue, and by default must be connected to your development.

I will ask technical colleagues to see if they can look into it in good faith, as soon as their busy workload allows.

Please supply the full XML"get submission status" request data (to


Hi Simon,
I have also experienced this error message for two separate Presenter ID’s in the last week. The response when first queried was “Please can you try this again as there was a couple of duplicate transactions which have now been cleared.” which resolved the issue.
You are investigating the second, but appears to be more than an isolated case.

Hello Adrian,

Can I ask if you have tried polling by submission number, rather than by presenter ID, as this usually works.

Please let me know how you get on at