Getting Problem with submission


Is there something on your side that prevents incorporation submissions that contain documents with the same file name as previous successful incorporation submissions?

We are getting a response back that says ‘File already exists: /mnt/nfs/ewf/upload/000/146/66662198000-004146_20170907-144049_30465MEMARTS.pdf’
Even though this is a new submission and only contains 1 document.


Hello Donna,

Apologies for the late response.

You definitely need to use a new submission number for every document, but a message of this type should only occur if you have duplicated attachment data in the same submission.

I will have a look at the test file concerned and get back to you as soon as possible.



As this failed front end submission, I can`t see the submission data. Can you please try a re-submission (double checking what is included as attachment data) and let me know how you get on please? Also, I note that many of your recent tests have used the same submission number. Can you please remind your colleagues to always use a new submission number for each test.