How to calculate TotalAmountUnpaid?

How do you calculate the TotalAmountUnpaid within the Capital?

My initial interpretation was to take AmountUnpaidPerShare * NumShares (and sum this for each shareholding with matching currency).

However, when I look at the linked examples this doesn’t add up. The example shows:


Using my interpretation, this would be AmountUnpaidPerShare (0.01) * NumShares (100) = 1
But TotalAmountUnpaid = 10? Is this a mistake or is my understanding mistaken?

I suspect this may be an error Luke - I will ask a relevant colleague and respond back.


Believe it or not Luke, this is the first time to my knowledge that this has ever been queried.

As for the example referred to, logically that is what we would expect on incorporation (although the example concerned is very old and could do with updating) - you should not consider this as a definitive answer however. It’s always possible that that we have not considered a situation, or that legally the view could be challenged.

I appreciate this is not absolute clarity - I would be inclined to submit tests to your test account and see if the automatic validation rejects or not.


Just to clarify, when you say

logically that is what we would expect on incorporation

Are you referring to my interpretation? AmountUnpaidPerShare (0.01) * NumShares (100) = 1

Or the existing example? TotalAmountUnpaid = 10

(I appreciate there can be premiums on the shares, but assuming there are not)

The main purpose of this example is to show the required format element wise - on a very simplistic level, the total amount unpaid should equal the amount unpaid per share multiplied by the total number of shares.

So, yes, I’d agree that if the example shown is for an incorporation with only one subscriber as shown, it seems to be incorrect. The total amount unpaid should be (0.01 x 100 = 1).

We would obviously recommended that all the capital figures correctly added up in live filings.


Thank you Simon, appreciate the extra detail.

Have a great weekend!

All the best to you Luke!