IMPORTANT - Corporate transparency and register reform consultation

The consultation considers reform to the information we require companies to disclose, increasing the checks on this information and measures to improve the exchange of intelligence between Companies House and UK Law Enforcement bodies.

The consultation seeks views on a series of reforms to limit the risk of misuse:
• knowing who is setting up, managing and controlling companies
• improving the accuracy and usability of data on the companies register
• protecting personal information on the register
• ensuring compliance, sharing intelligence and other measures to deter abuse of corporate entities

The views of the following people and organisations would be particularly useful:
• directors of companies (and officers of other corporate entities; see note above)
• company shareholders and the investor community
• business representative bodies
• trust and company service providers and other professional bodies
• wider civil society groups
• academics and think tanks
• members of the public

The consultation can be found at:

Further information can be found in the press release Businesses and consumers to be given increased protections from criminal activity - GOV.UK