IMPORTANT - EU exit no deal schema test platform

As you are aware, delivering the deal negotiated with the EU remains the government’s top priority - the government must however prepare for every eventuality, including a no deal scenario. For 2 years, the government has been implementing a significant programme of work to ensure that the UK is prepared to leave the EU, the current date for this being Friday 12 April 2019 (11pm).

It has always been the case that as we get nearer to that date, preparations for a no deal scenario would have to be accelerated.

With regards to (software developed) electronic filings through the XML gateway, the baseType schema has been updated to remove the EEA and nonEEA corporate details requirements - these are replaced with UK and nonUK corporate details requirements. The UK option now only requires a registration number.

In addition, the Company Data Request, Company Incorporation, Officer Appointment and Officer Change Details schemas have been updated to allow the use of the new baseType schema - these can be found at this link:

For electronic submissions made after 11PM on the 12th April (in the event of a No Deal EU Exit scenario), we will request all submissions are made using these new schemas.

I can confirm that a test service is now available for those that wish to develop in advance, although the following instructions will need to be followed:

Please post to url:

The schema content should reference xmlbeta, instead of xmlgw

Please use a “real” company name and number details please, preferably one of your own (company number element not applicable for IN01).

Please use your 6666………. test presenter credentials.

Authentication Code - 222222

Package Reference - 0012

An example of a usable test CH02 schema example can be supplied on request (please include email address).

As already advised above, these schemas will only come into effect if no deal is agreed by the UK Parliament.


The schema content should reference xmlbeta, instead of xmlgw

I tried this but got errors back, seems that the beta xsds’ targetNamespace is still set to xmlgw

I submitted a Confirmation Statement to xmlbeta with the old xmlgw namespace and that was fine. Am I doing it right?

As long as you are getting an acceptable response Ric, the answer is yes! If you contact me at and I wil send you a workable EUX schema example.


Hi Simon,

We have tried a number of beta schemas and they are ok e.g. AP02, AP04 etc. but on the IN01 we are getting an error returned (see below) about a query failing?

		<Text>Error executing 'SELECT UPPER(TRIM(country_type_desc)),UPPER(TRIM(ISO_COUNTRY_LONG_CODE)) FROM country_type WHERE country_eff_date <= SYSDATE AND country_end_date >SYSDATE AND ISO_COUNTRY_LONG_CODE IS NOT NULL': ORA-00942: table or view does not exist (DBD ERROR: error possibly near <*>indicator at char 78 in 'SELECT UPPER(TRIM(country_type_desc)),UPPER(TRIM(ISO_COUNTRY_LONG_CODE)) FROM <*>country_type WHERE country_eff_date <= SYSDATE AND country_end_date >SYSDATE AND ISO_COUNTRY_LONG_CODE IS NOT NULL')</Text>

Any ideas please?

Many Thanks,


Can you post your submission XML to my email address please Alex?


Hi Simon,

I’ve tried it again (without changing anything at our end) and it was sent ok that time.

Although I think it would need you guys to update the filing status for us before we get a accepted or rejected response.


Agreed Alex,

I will endeavour to check what you have filed as soon as I can.


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Hello again Alex,

I am not currently able to amend / change the statuses of IN01 BETA test submissions - until I am able, as long as you get a “normal” type response (for example “pending”), you can assume the test is successful.


Hi Simon,

If no deal brexit does go ahead come 31st October 2019.

For submissions after this date but back dated to a date before no deal brexit would Companies House expect the new style forms / EF messages as well?

The reason for asking is we have noticed during testing that if a form is dated before a certain date the old EF schemas still apply i.e. submitting UK or Non-Uk results in the error “CompanyIdentification must be EEA or NonEEA”.

So just need to know please whether we would need to support both the old and new forms/EF based on event date should no deal brexit happen.

Many thanks,


Hi Alex,

At the time of the previous Brexit date (end of March), in the event of a “no deal”, the opinion here was that (at the time and date specified) only the new versions could be acceptable, with no dispensation given to old versions still being allowable if they were dated prior to the date of change.

As far as I am aware, this is still the case, but I will double check for you.


Many thanks for the clarification Simon,

We will work on that basis unless you have any other update.

Much obliged,


Yes, now re-confirmed Alex, in the event of a “no deal” brexi, there will be no grace period for the use of old forms.


Hi @ric_hardacre,

I have also tried the xmlbeta but I am facing below issue.

Text>XML failed schema validation: Invalid XML: Schema in has a different target namespace from the one specified in the instance document line 25 column 317

Since you were able to fix this issue, could you please tell me what was the fix that you applied for this issue.
Thanks for your help in advance.


You are no longer getting the " line 25 column 317" error following the advice I gave you to remove a certain BETA reference earlier this week.

As you know, I have referred your current issue regarding the UK / Non UK references to a technical team.