Important message - ngsrv rejection issue resolved

I’m pleased to confirm the team have diagnosed and resolved the “ngsrv” issue that was impacting the XML Gateway customers. The fix was implemented systematically across the XML Gateway service between 15:00 and 16:52 yesterday (20/09/2018), we have had no subsequent failures.

The team successfully identified the cause of the failure which was embedded within the system code of the XML Gateway service and have put in a change which corrects the failure when it happens. The failure is triggered by invalid content which is submitted within some XML Gateway transactions, this content causes the particular process satisfying the request to error and fail. When this process fails, it then fails for all subsequent transactions dealt with by the process. There are many of these processes satisfying customer requests on the XML Gateway which is why when failures occur they only impact a percentage of the overall traffic against the service.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue and thank you for your patience while the team have been investigating the cause, this was a particularly tricky one to identify.


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Hi Simon,
Yesterday we had an ngserv failure when filing a ReturnOfAllotmentShares, is this something you would like details on or should we still expect some low level failure rate?


Arthur (and all),

Sorry about that.

Yes there will always be low level use of this error message as it does need to be sent in certain limited circumstances.

However, yesterday was a glitch of our side.