IN01 XML of PSC, LegalPerson and ORP


Just a quick couple of questions;

  1. Legal Person tends to denote a corporate body yet within the
    CompanyIncorporation-v3-0-alpha3.xsd schema there are three types of
    PSCNotification, namely, individual, corporate and legalperson. If legal person
    is as it is shown / interpreted on the IN01 form then what is the point of the
    corporate element within the PSCNotification of the schema ? Vice versa, when a
    corporate body has significant control and its details are recorded in corporate element of XML IN01 then what is the point of legalperson as denoted in the IN01 form ?

  2. IN01 Other registrable person (ORP) - Can you please tell me how these are to be
    recorded in the schema mentioned above as I see no provision for it ?

Not an official answer, so don’t quote me on it, but I think “legal entity” is used to denote a corporate body. In this context “legal person”, refers to a “corporate sole”, which tend to be offices held by a single person such as a “Lord Mayor of London” or “Archbishop of Whatever”.

This was better explained in a draft copy of the PSC guidance, but I can’t find it referenced in the current guidance so it may have been somewhere else. I’m guessing the ORP in IN01 refers to the same thing.