Incorporation submission stuck in pending state


I have submitted some test incorporation requests to the API. When I use a GetSubmissionStatus request with a Presenter ID and Submission Number to check up on a submission, I always get the status as PENDING. In this thread you say that someone at CH must approve every test submission. How long is this expected to take, and will this be done automatically, or do I need to email/make a thread here to get someone to view my submission?

Below is a snippet of the XML response I receive from the XML gateway when sending a GetSubmissionStatus request for one of my submissions:

      <Telephone>Fred Blogs</Telephone>
      <Comment>Pending review of attachment</Comment>

Dan Perry

Hi Dan,

Remind me of your submission number and I will check these today.



My submission numbers are 100004 and ZZZZ8Z
Do I have to explicitly ask for submissions to be reviewed, and if so, do you prefer me to ask here or via email?


We can communicate via email Dan.


Can you please email me at with your test presenter ID?