iXBRL 2022 FRC Taxonomies

iXBRL FRC Taxonomies are currently being updated and we will be making these new taxonomies available for submission from April 2022.

The 2022 taxonomy suite changes include updates to the UK Single Electronic Format (UKSEF) taxonomy to include Directors’ and Auditors’ reports along with the Profit and Loss. This will make the UKSEF taxonomy more usable with other taxonomies in the suite and facilitate the filing of consolidated accounts by listed companies.

We can also confirm that we will be enabling Welsh Language link-bases in the new taxonomy. This will mean that for the first time, companies will be able to file Welsh Language accounts digitally (via a software package).

Full details of the above enhancements appear in v5.0 of our Filing Technical Specification, alongside a new Accounts only Technical Specification, both can be supplied on request. We have separated the details on how to use the API from the accounts specific filing details to future proof the accounts documentation from changes in API.

These changes will be in place from Friday 1 April 2022.

As previously advised, Companies House will be limiting submissions to the last three available taxonomies (2022,2021,2019) in line with FRC’s taxonomy guidance and rejecting submissions using older versions such as 2014 from 1 April 2022 and 2018 from 31 July 2022.

New testing service
Companies House has provided access to a testing service to allow you to make sure that your own software is working correctly ahead of the implementation date. This testing service enables you to check that accounts iXBRL is correctly formed, conforms to the new FCA ‘zip’ structures for UKSEF and, if appropriate, issuing new package identifiers to products.

This testing service will be available in March 2022 and needs to be booked in advance. You must book your slot one week in advance to avoid conflicts and to make sure that the testing service is available. Additional testing services will be made available in the future.

Further guidance
Please contact xml@companieshouse.gov.uk if you would like to use the testing service, or if you need further guidance from us.