LegalPerson XML example

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We’re having a hard time to understand how to use the PSC basetype LegalPerson.
We understand that Individual is a person, Corporate is a company, but we’re not sure if LegalPerson is just reserved for Firms and Trusts or you can have a normal company as legal person as well.

  1. Are there example XMLs with scenarios where the LegalPerson basetype is used?
  2. Is there any relation between the Nature of Controls *_TRUST and *_FIRM and the LegalPerson? (eg: maybe these nature of control should be used only by the legalperson entity?)


A legal person is a corporate sole, government body, e.g. Archbishop of Canterbury or Prime minister, Cardiff council.

  2. No nature of control for trust and firm can be used for any of the 3 types of PSC.
    You might find this guidance helpful:

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Thanks for your answer.

This is a screenshot from a wireframe we received from Companies House. In this screen the user is adding an Individual as PSC.
Where can I find an XML example of how the XML would look like if the user selects an option from the group ‘The members of a firm hold shares’?

If there is no such XML example, when would the firm and trust nature of control be used?

About the guide you sent me, I’ve read it thrice, and I’m sad to admit that my brain is too small to comprehend it properly. :cry:

Thanks again for your attention on the forum. You’re being very helpful.

EDIT: Just to make it clear, I’ve seen the LLPs XMLS examples (1, 2). That’s why I’m confused about your answer: No nature of control for trust and firm can be used for any of the 3 types of PSC

Apologies I started to type ‘NOC’ as we tend to shorten to and then thought better of it, sorry it shouldnt start with ‘No …’
Is this what you are looking for? Example

I know the guidance isnt the easiest thing to read, not plain english but just in case it helped.

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