LLPNatureOfControls missing in XML response for data download of LLP


I am dealing with an issue where a client is downloading data from the CH gateway for an LLP and the nature of controls for this LLP’s PSCs are stored in a ‘NatureOfControls’ node. Having examined the schema I’d expect them to be included in a ‘LLPNatureOfControls’ node, and because they are not in the node we expect them to be in our comparison report fails to match the statement Companies House has with the statement the user’s data has.

My questions is, have I misunderstood or should data downloads for LLPs make use of this LLPNatureOfControls node instead of NatureOfControls?

Thank you

Hello, and apologies for the late response - I was not available for much of yesterday.

I will take a look at this for you.


One of our analysts has confirmed that this is a known issue unfortunately - it has been logged as a problem that needs to be resolved - however, I cannot give you a timescale on when this will be.