Minor Change to new Nationality / Country List

I refer to my previous communication relating to our new Nationality / Country List that comes into force shortly.

Unfortunately I must advise that we have had to instigate a change at short notice to the following:

Taiwan, Province of China will now be shown as Taiwan.

In this instance, we have been given sufficient reason to believe that the original version could be classed as controversial, and as such we are aligning with the FCO.

The revised CSV file can be found here.


Hi Simon, we are having filings using ‘Taiwan’ rejected, and advice when we call in is that we should instead be using ‘Taiwan, Province of China’. I’ve checked the current list of countries on the website and it is also listed as just ‘Taiwan’ there. Can you please confirm which format is currently correct? Many thanks

Hi Sarah,

The correct version is indeed “Taiwan” as per my previous instruction. We are currently investigating as to why your submissions are failing.


Thanks Simon, if it helps we’ve put through some test filings and ‘Taiwan’ is repeatedly rejected, however ‘Taiwan, Province of China’ is being accepted.

Hello again Sarah,

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you try a resubmission now, it should work.


Thanks Simon, that submission has now been accepted.

Many thanks for the confirmation Sarah - Companies House apologises for any inconvenience caused.