Multiple confirmation statements - successes followed by a failure

For clarity please confirm what Companies House will do in the following situation:

A company is required to submit six confirmation statements for one confirmation period as it has a number of company statement changes and linked PSC statements during the confirmation period 11/01/2016 to 10/01/2017. These fall as follows:

a. 6/4/16 to 4/7/16 has company statement that not done the necessary investigation
b. 4/7/16 to 5/8/16 has company statement that there are no PSCs
c. 5/8/16 has four PSCs all having provided confirmation as required
d. 6/9/16 one of the PSCs has a change but this has not been confirmed by the PSC so PSC linked statement required, which the PSC subsequently confirmed on 7/10/16
e. 8/11/16 the same PSC has a new change and again has not confirmed the change so a new PSC linked statement is required,
f. 9/12/16 the company no longer has any PSCs and has the company statement that there are no PSCs.

Given that this will (based on our current understanding of Companies House requirements for electronic submissions) require the submission of six confirmation statements all of which are submitted on 13/01/17 as follows:

a. 11/01/16 to 04/07/16
b. 04/07/16 to 05/08/16
c. 05/08/16 to 06/09/16
d. 06/09/16 to 08/11/16
e. 08/11/16 to 09/12/16
f. 09/12/16 to 10/01/17

Then say the first two are accepted by Companies House but then the third for 05/08/16 is rejected for some reason. The following three are then not submitted given this rejection. This means that two confirmation statements have been accepted by Companies House but late so based on our current understanding the confirmation period is not changed and Companies House will still be expecting a confirmation statement covering 11/01/16 to 10/01/17.

Is this correct or will the confirmation period change to 06/08/16 to 05/08/2017?

If correct then if when the submission is made again for the period 11/01/16 to 10/01/17 and this is for all six periods will Companies House accept the first two again or will they be rejected as duplicates?

Connected with this if three statements were needed and these were submitted on 13 January 2017 dated 10 January 2017, 11 January 2017 and 12 January 2017 and the first submission was accepted but the second was rejected would this change the next confirmation period to 11 January 2017 to 10 January 2018 as the submission for 10 January 2017 is within the 14 day filing period?

Hi Philip

I’ve passed on your request to someone in our policy area, I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Nigel Preece