Multiple Restriction Notice Withdrawals within the same period

I have two PSC’s that I have issued a restriction notice to, on the same date
I later withdraw 1 restriction notice by company and 1 notice by court order, within the confirmation period.

It appears that the restriction notices are not required to be linked to a controller in the same way as a 790e can be. Nor is it possible to link a restriction notice withdrawn to a restriction notice issued statement

…as far as our interpretation of the schemas is concerened.


  1. How will Companies House know which restriction notice applies to which controller?
  2. How will Companies house know which restriction notice withdrawn statement applies to which restriction notice issued statement?
  3. Will Companies House reject CS01’s/LL CS01’s where there are multiple restrictions notices and restriction notice withdrawels in the same confirmation period?

Thanks for your query.

Apologies for the delay in responding, we have had problems with forum availability.

I will look into this and respond back as soon as possible.


Please again accept my sincere apologies for the delay in answering this.

Its an “out of the ordinary” query and I need to speak to a specific member of our development team.

Thanks again for your patience.


Good morning,

I have now had chance to liaise with revelant officers to discuss this very complex issue.

We are aware of the current limitations of properly advising the scenario you have outlined within our systems at present.

As you can appreciate, instances such as the one you have raised will occur very infrequently, but it does need to be addressed.

We are currently communicating with our parent department in London (BEIS) on the way forward, and expect a conclusion to these discusions soon.

As an aside, the Anti Money Laundering legislation currently being worked on, is expected to have a knock on effect on how PSC notifications, changes and withdrawals,are advised to Companies House (it will hopefully move away from the CS01 to change specific forms) - this will in turn make your issue less of a problem going forward.

I will advise further when I have more news.

Thank you for your continued patience.