Multiple SH01's not being handled incorrectly


We have encountered a problem when sending multiple SH01’s in quick succession.
They are received correctly by Companies House but they then seem to be parsed incorrectly leading to incorrect data being displayed to users during webfiling.

For example we have one case where the total capital was increased to 500 shares and then 30 seconds later increased to 600 shares.

Then when the user completed online filing for the annual confirmation statement the incorrect total of 500 was shown.

Is anyone able to tell me why this might occur? Is it a known bug and are there plans to fix it?
Or alternatively is there anything we can do to help mitigate these problems?


Hi Arthur,

I will need to speak to an analyst about this and report back.


Hi, any updates on this one?


Are you able to supply any examples please Arthur?


Sure, I will send you an email with the details.

Having now looked at your posting in detail and discussed the issue with colleagues, I know what is happening here.

Basically, most electrically filed SH01s are validated and accepted automatically.

However, for various reasons, some are referred to query handlers by the system validation.

If multiple SH01s are delivered in quick succession therefore, and referred for query handling, its very likely that they will be viewed and examined by different individuals, and this is where an issue of this nature can arise, as processing “out of receipt” order can occur.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this, other than to suggest that multiple filings are staggered throughout the day.

Apologies that this is probably not the answer you hoped for.