New incorporation process and testing


From my understanding the only way to currently incorporate a new company programmatically with Companies House is through the XML interface. We would have preferred to use the new API BETA using a RESTful API but I believe this won’t be an available feature for some time. Please could someone confirm this and whether there is a timeline/scheduled release date for this?

Also if the XML route is the only current way to incorporate a new company limited by shares please could someone help point me in the right direction with ideally some examples and a sandbox/testing environment which we can develop our integration with.

Thanks in advance

Some useful links until you get an official response!

Software filing information:
XML Gateway specifications: Companies House XML Gateway Interface Specification
Current Schemas: Companies House XML Gateway Input - Schema Status
Draft Schemas:

For incorporation there are significant changes to schema incoming when the PSC stuff gets rolled out for incorporations which I think is June 30th. If you click the “more info” link on the draft schema for incorporation there is a an example of what an XML incorporation looks like (that I only found by accident).

I have no idea what the official stance is, but I think API incorporations are a way off, I can’t see them happening this year.

Apologises this post had been missed as it showed as answered. You can incorporate companies via our XMLGW service, Web Incorporation service or paper filing.
The law changes in relation to Incorporations from June 30th 2016, so you will need to use our new alpha schemas, unfortunately we have had to remove them for a brief time whilst the law is clarified but this is the link:
We are adding new features to our new API regularly but Incorporations is not something in short term plan for the API.