NEW PSC01 to PCS07 schemas released

Companies House are required to add a further requirement to company forms PSC01-07, and their LLP equivalents.

For clarification, this additional element will allow a company to notify the date on which details were entered onto the company’s PSC register, or were altered. This is already required on forms PSC08 and PSC09 as the “register entry date”.

These schemas have now been added to our web-site schema page found at this location:

Please note these can be identified by the LIVE date of 1/10/2017 (this does not indicate the implementation date, this has yet to be decided upon).

I regret that is not yet possible to test these at Companies House, and apologise for this - I will advise as soon as possible when the testing facility is available.


Hi Simon,

Will there be validation on the PSC01 - 07 forms where the Register Entry Date cannot be before the Notification Date / Date of Change / Cessation Date?

This validation exists on the PSC09 where the Register Entry Date cannot be before the Withdrawal Date.

Also, is there any other new validation that is being introduced on any of the forms?

Kind Regards,

Hello Paddy,

Yes, the error message "“Register Entry Date should not be supplied at this time” will be returned if the revised version of the schema is sumbitted before the date of actuation.


Thanks Simon,

Will there be validation that the RegisterEntryDate cannot be a future date?

Kind Regards

Yes Paddy, in the live filing validation.