We are currently experiencing an internal service issue which is specifically impacting Companies House XML Gateway, this error manifests itself by returning a “ngsrv” failure error to customers.

This issue is impacting customers performing data reads, either as part of the submission of a filing or reading data via the output function.

Form submission itself is currently unaffected by this error unless a data read is done as part of the submission.

This is a recurrence of an issue that occurred in the past that we believed had been fixed in June.

Due to the intermittent nature of the issue it has been difficult for IT teams to diagnose the cause, it is however occurring more frequently since the end of August and therefore is impacting our customers to a greater extent.

Our IT Teams are continuing to investigate this issue and will provide a further update when progress is made.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Hi Simon, we do use the data read when producing a CS01, but this is completely stand alone in the workflow and doesn’t make up any part of our form submissions.
We also have confirmed instances of this error on IN01 and AA02 submissions, neither of which go anywhere near the data read service.
Thanks, Sarah

Thanks Sarah,

We are awaiting further clarification on where and when the data read occurs. I will report back as soon as I can.


Hi Simon, just to confirm I also have an example of the error occurring on the filing of a PSC01, again as far as we’re aware this does not use the data read service. Sarah.

Just to add some extra evidence, in case it helps.

We are also seeing this on all form submission types (as well as CompanyDataRequests), but none of our form submissions include a read at the same time.

We are having trouble importing companies, and filing all forms PSC CH01 AD01etc it is intermittent sometimes these forms eventually go through on between 4 to 8 consecutive attempts main code 9999 ngsrv but on occasion mentions internet connection also this has happened for a long time but more occasionally, now it is most of the day and workloads are piling up.

Thank you for all your comments, we are aware that the issues are not just confined to customer requested “advance data read” filings.

I will supply another update as soon as I have news.


For information, as well as the “data reads” that many of you undertake prior to filing a CS01 (and referred to above), Companies House also undertake internal “data reads” as part of our validation processes.

These internal “data reads” are however limited to the following form types:

It would be very helpful therefore if any of you could provide information on any OTHER form type where this error is being returned (as well as the FULL “ngsrv” rejection reference, which for the record includes in all cases an ID code that we can trace). I am happy to receive anything you have which may be relevant at