No data received from ngsrv

When working with the test API we get the following error quite a lot but we have now started to see it with the production API.

No data received from ngsrv

I had thought this was a local issue but another company even has a help article mentioning this issue.

What is going wrong and when will this apparent downtime problem be fixed?


Hello Arthur,

We did have an ongoing issue prior to Christmas that was returning this error unfortunately.

However, it had been resolved by Thursday 21st December - as such you should no longer be getting this error message.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvience this caused.


Hi, We have started seeing these error again today, we have a couple of failed SH01 submissions already.

Is this going to be an a recurring problem?

Hello Arthur,

Yes, we are aware of a growing number of rejections for this reason over the past day or so - we are investigating and will report back as soon as possible.


Hi, did you find out what was causing these failures?

Apologies for not responding back to you sooner Arthur. This NGRSV issue is connected to a specific server at our end, and was resolved on 24th January.


Hello Simon,
I have been running a test submission, and i still get this error “CompanyIncorporation 9999 fatal No data received from ngsrv”.

Could you please help me.

We have just received another ngrsv error in production.
It occurred less than an hour ago at 3:09 if it’s of any help.

Starting to get a lot of them now

Many apologies Arthur, and to anybody else again receiving this response.

It is sporadic / intermittent unfortunately, and our technical teams are currently looking at possible causes and a lasting solution.

Please bear with us.


Hi @snicholas ,

We have seen a huge surge of these issues the last few days (since Tuesday and continuing today). On Tuesday we had ~700 of these errors. Plus we had a decent batch of the same errors last Thursday/Friday. This has been happening sporadically since the last post in this thread from Feb 9.

I appreciate your are working on it but is there any news on a root cause fix?


Hi jaredt. All I can confirm is the IT team
are still fully investigating this issue and are currently working on a
permanent fix but have no timescales at present. Sorry I am unable to provide any further update at present but will post it on here as soon as we have a full update.

Have been getting these ngsrv error messages for sometime now and have so far been patient. My patience is wearing very thin.
When are we going to get a permanent resolution to this problem which is costing time and money?

The error message that came back this morning changed slightly, it now seems to include a tracking id so it seems like progress is being made?

Although saying that we did also get a new error we hadn’t seen before.

Not a HTTPS request

Would that be: “Form: CS01 Company Confirmation Statement Error Raised By: CH_XML_Gateway / Number: 9999 / Type: fatal / Location: / Feature ‘aml_enabled’ not in configuration”?

Morning all and apologies again, your patience is appreciated.

The various error messages yesterday were a by-product of work being done in the background to try and eradicate the ngsrv issue which is (as you are aware) causing significant problems for all.

Please be assured that significant time and resource is being used on resolving this.

Again, your patience is appreciated.