NOTICE OF MAINTENANCE WINDOW - Saturday 9th November 2019

Companies House are undertaking vital work between 7am-12pm this coming Saturday.

Unfortunately, as a result, users will be unable to access the xmlgateway during this period.

We are unable to confirm what message (if any) users will receive if attempts to access the system are made during this period.

Please accept our apologies for this.


Was this work completed successfully?
We have been seeing intermittent timeouts yesterday and this morning.


Good morning Arthur,

We have experienced a number of intermittent issues with our legacy services following our maintenance work on the weekend – we are going to take all our systems down for 30 minutes shortly to try and resolve the problem.


That’s great, thank you.

Can I check what you mean by the term legacy?
The XML service doesn’t have a bright future but there currently aren’t any alternatives so it should still be an active product?


Sorry, I should have made that clearer - all our established older services that are scheduled for eventual replacement are considered as “legacy”.


Hi All,

Some of our clients are seeing Problem with Submission error messages this morning when submitting Confirmation Statements. Could this be caused by the issues you mentioned above? Can you please confirm once the system is back up and running and we can ask them to resubmit the filings. Thanks.

Yes Marion, all XML based services (and web-filing, web-check) will be affected.

I will indeed post something on this forum as soon as I have positive news.


Thanks for the update. I have asked our clients to try resubmit the filings and will let you know if everything goes through ok asap.


Some of our users have resubmitted filings this afternoon (specifically Confirmation Statements) and are seeing the following errors so it seems like there still are some ongoing issues.

Companies House cannot be reached at this time
Please try again later or contact your System Administrator

Is anyone else reporting this?


Can I ask what organisation you represent please Marion?

The reason why I ask is that we have received a communication advising a similar problem this afternoon, but its just the one developer so far (and I need to know if you are representing the same business).



If you are still experiencing this problem, can you please supply a relevant example of FULL XML submission and our response data please (to