Officer Change Details - Updating Directors

Does anyone have an example for the xml form OfficerChangeDetails.
Nothing is listed on the schema site and the format of this request seems very different to some of the others.


Hi Arthur,

Apologies for the late response.

If there is not one on the schema page, then we have not created one unfortunately.

I will have a look at see if I have anything relevant as soon as I am back at my desk (I am working in London at present).


Hi, there isn’t anything on the schema page for this scenario so an example of some kind would be really helpfull.


Hello again Arthur,

I now have something relevant.

If you could e-mail me at, I will send it to you on return.


Hi Simon,
I need an example for the xml form OfficerChangeDetails.


I sent you something relevant on 16/10/2017 - I will resent it now.


It’s not me after the example, its @mutawer