Passport number - last 3 characters not accepted as not all numbers


It seems that passport numbers that have letters in the last 3 characters are not accepted by the xml gateway as an answer to the incorporation security questions.

Would you mind confirming what is expected to be sent in such a scenario, I assume the last three digits removing any letters, so if the passport number is 01241K48, you will expect 148 to be sent?

Many thanks in advance

Sorry for the delay in responding Ben - I will get back to you soon.



Aa long as the presenter is content with the details they are supplying to prove the identity of the individual involved, we will accept in good faith.


Hi Nicholas,

I have also recently ran into this issue.
With regards to passport number I understand British passports are only numeric. Many international passports are alpha numeric, would there be any scope for the XML gateway to accept alpha numeric passport number?


Unfortunately we will not be making any non essential changes to our XML platform, as it is will be replaced with a REST JSON based software service in due course.

Please accept my errors for this and also for the delay taken to respond to you.


No a problem Nicholas! I look forward to the JSON based software service.