PSC Data at Get Company Data

At Get Company Data response, there is the section split to company statement, PSC statement, and PSC notification. In the response, does it populate the most recent result or it will populate all the statement and notification that had been submitted?

There is the case when the PSC hasn’t confirm the particular, then we submit the statement, and once the PSC confirmed the particulars, then we will submit the notification. So, if the XML pull all statements and notifications, then it might have the possibility where the same statement appear more than once and how we know that statement is refer to which PSC?

Otherwise, could we have the sample get company data response which consist of different PSC scenarios?


Hi Jelly,

I believe your colleague has already contacted me directly on this.

As explained, we have no data response examples - I could ask for one, but it would not be treated as a priority unfortunately as we would have to find a relevant technical team and then add it to their backlogs.