PSC Statement on Incorporation

Can I confirm that NO_INDIVIDUAL_OR_ENTITY_WITH_SIGNFICANT_CONTROL is the only company level PSC statement allowed on Incorporation?

In the PSC base types this is the only IncorporationCompanyLevelStatementType and STEPS_TO_FIND_PSC_NOT_YET_COMPLETED is not valid.

This makes sense, but I just wanted to make sure.

Additionally and as a follow up to this post (, can I confirm whether or not individual PSC statements PSC_EXISTS_BUT_NOT_IDENTIFIED, PSC_DETAILS_NOT_CONFIRMED, PSC_CONTACTED_BUT_NO_RESPONSE, RESTRICTIONS_NOTICE_ISSUED_TO_PSC and the linked statement PSC_HAS_FAILED_TO_CONFIRM_CHANGED_DETAILS can be submitted on incorporation - or - we can only send incorporations where we have details of the PSCs.

An earlier response indicated they could, but the schema doesn’t seem to accomodate it as far as I can tell.

On an incorporation you can only submit the one company level statement as the company doesnt exist at that point, otherwise you need to supply PSC details, as per the schema.

Hi @ashwakeman

You are correct that only NO_INDIVIDUAL_OR_ENTITY_WITH_SIGNFICANT_CONTROL can be supplied.

If you wish to query further why we limit to just this I would have to refer any such question to a policy advisor.

Nigel Preece

Thanks for the answers…

No need to query, it makes sense. I’m assuming the same applies to the individual PSC statements and you CANNOT use any of these statements on incorporation.