PSC Statement Withdrawal xml (PSC09/LLPSC09)

Looking at the xsd for this submission with reference to the PSCBaseType xsd this requires a NoficiationDate to be included for a PSClevelStatement. The help states this should be ‘As notified on the original statement - Must be provided when there is more than one identical statement active on the company’ but no date is included in the PSC Statement Notifications (which is also not obviously a ‘statement’ but is what I see as being the ‘original statement’) so it is not clear what date should be included.

Should the date be the date that the PSCStatementNotification was submitted or if included on a confirmation statement the date of this confirmation statement but then there may be more than one such statement submitted on the same date or in the same confirmation statement.

In any event given that the original statement may have been notified significantly in the past this requirement seems awkward and not easy to ensure that the correct date is captured for a submission.

If no date is included would a submission be rejected where a company has two identical extant PSClevelstatements already notified to CH?

Good afternoon Philip,

In the case you have outlined, the “Notification Date” (in the CS01) would refer to the “Made up date” of the document.

I hope this clarifies.