PSCCompanyIdentification contains 5 elements, two of which are compulsory (LawGoverned, LegalForm) and the others (PSCPlaceRegistered, PSCRegistrationNumber, CountryOrState) ar minOccurs = “0”. In the example Confirmation Statement you only use the 2 compulsory elements.

The format for these is different to company identification for appintments where the firelds needed are based on whether or not the company is formed in an EEA country or not.

What governs whether or not the minOccurs = “0” elements are needed or not in the PSC statements? I’ve had a look and haven’t been able to find any guidance on this anywhere.

PSCCompanyIdentification is very similar to those used by appointments, so can get confusing, hence we have prefixed two of the elements with PSC and there is an extra element for PSCs. LawGoverned and LegalForm are mandatory, the other 3 elements are optional however there is a business rule which requires if you submit 1 of the 3 you must supply them all of them. Hope that helps

A little. I’m trying to get my head around it. Especially as the mandatory fields are the fields that aren’t needed (for EEA companies) in appointments and the fields that aren’t mandatory for PSCs are mandatory for appointments.

My main issue is what “optional” means in this context.

Yes, it is optional in the literal technical sense as far as the schema is concerned, but how optional is it in terms of the valid information being recorded at CH? The draft IN01 states that the information should be entered “if applicable”. Does that mean it must be entered if applicable? Not sure if these sort of questions are within the scope of this forum or not.

EEA/Non EEA doesnt apply to PSCs, its a little confusing as it is so similar to officers. Optional means if it is applicable to that company.