PSCs when to use confirmation statement and when to use change schemas

Could you confirm that for e-filing from software systems where we are not concerned with companies keeping their PSC or members registers physically at CH, we should be using the confirmation statement only to report changes later in 2016 and none of the single criteria PSC change schemas?

Is it also the case, that this methodology will change over the next year and the confirmation statement will lose it’s facility to report PSC changes during 2017 when software filers for PSC registers kept outside CH will be using the individual criteria schemas?

We’re a little short of sources of this kind of knowledge - is there an applicable changelog document or TIS covering the June 30th changes?


Good morning,

You are correct in that during the first year at least (following 30th June), the only companies that will be able to use the individual PSC change schemas (or the equivalent paper versions), are those that have elected to hold their registers at Companies House.

As such, the confirmation statement will be the primary vehicle in the short term for companies to advise their PSC officer. Anti money laundering legislation due in 2017 will impact on this however, and from the date this is actuated, the PSC change schemas will be available to all companies to use.

I can confirm we will be issuing an updated technical specification in the near future.