Reporting more than 10 shareholders in a share class and reporting transfers

Hi Guys

  1. As I understand it, the requirement to report share transfers on the confirmation operates as the previous Annual Return, except in the period since the last confirmation instead of the period since the last AR01. Is this correct?

  2. I see a maxoccurs=10 on shareholders under a given share class. What happens if you have more than 10 shareholders? Should we send the same share class header multiple times with shareholders in groups of 10 or will this fall over on duplicate share class grounds? If that is the case should the NumberHeld always be the total, or should it be just the number held by the batch of 10 being considered.

Any chance you can give us a maxoccurs=“unbounded” or some suitablly high value like a thousand? We have quite a few companies with more than 10 shareholders in a share class on our systems thats for sure.


Please see below reply from a similar question previously …

Nigel Preece

The schema allows an infinite number of shareholdings (each of which has a shareholder name) for a company. The limit of 10 is for up to ten joint shareholders ie names on one shareholding. The maximum we have ever received is 6 people owning one share ie 6 joint shareholders.
The validation on the capital and the shareholdings sections is completed on the corporate database and shareholders quoting capital details which are not in the capital section and vice versa will be queried in some situations ie if the company is traded on a market then only certain levels of shareholdings are required to be notified so mismatches will be allowed.