Reporting multiple nature of controls for a given individual using CS01

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I have a person John Doe and wish to notify (say) 75% shares on 6/4/2016 and then a change to 25% shares a week or so later. Can I do this on one confirmation statement, ie 75% followed by 25% in the xml.

The other variant of this I’ve encountered is 25% 50% in the same CS01. At one point, someone told me it was only one natureofcontrols declaration per individual per CS01, is this restriction now removed, (if it ever existed) and are there any restrictions on content beyond companylevel statements needing their own dedicated CS01’s.

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Thanks our policy team will get back to you shortly

CH systems allow us to collect data electronically for notifications, changes and cessations of the same PSC in a single confirmation statement, if the PSC is an individual, another registrable person or a relevant legal entity.

Unfortunately, we can’t currently process the 7 PSC statements which can be submitted as an alternative to these details electronically, if the statement is both ’notified’ and ‘ended’ on one confirmation statement. We will look at identifying a solution to this issue.

If you need to make a confirmation statement in which a PSC statement is both ‘notified’ and ‘ended’, the correct way to do this is to file a single confirmation statement on paper, showing these changes.

However, the flexibility of the confirmation statement means that whilst you can’t submit more than one statement with the same confirmation date electronically, you can submit multiple statements over a 12 month payment period (during which you only pay once).