Same name (PSCs), different structure between CompanyIncorporation and ConfirmationStatement xsds

In the published xsd CompanyIncorporation-v3-0-rc2.xsd, PSCs are defined as an element containing a choice of PSC (maxoccurs unbounded) or NoPSCStatement. This means we can submit multiple PSCs. In the ConfirmationStatement-v1-0-rc1.xsd the PSCs has a minoccurs=0 of a sequence. It has no PSC (ie the extra indented layer that the incoporation does have), hence no maxoccurs, unbounded or otherwise. Does this imply only a single PSC change request can be made per submission, or is this a case of a missing PSC maxoccurs in the ConfirmationStatement (as is found in the CompanyIncorporation-v3-0-rc2.xsd).


The reason the confirmation statement is different to an INC in terms of max occurs is that if a company indicates they are traded or PSC exempt then they are not required to send in details, therefore we had to make it optional (min occurs=0)

OK, we know it’s optional on the confirmation statement, hence MINoccurs=0 as you say. However, that is not what we’re querying. The question is that no MAXoccurs is present implying that only a single item should be given. We’re assuming that a number of pscs can be filed in a single CS submission. Is the missing maxoccurs therefore likely to cause difficulties?

No it wont cause any problems, you can submit as many as you like on a confirmation statement same as an incorporation, but we have defined them differently due to exemptions on a confirmation statement