Schema Changes notifcations

I have noticed that schema changes were made on the 23/02/2016 with the introduction of a new PSCBaseTypes-v1-0-alpha4.xsd and PSCStatementWithdrawal-v1-0-alpha3.xsd schemas. This change has not be noted on the Schema changes thread. Is it the intention to notify of all changes to the schemas or do I have to keep checking the site?

With the deprecation of Alpha3. What is the correct method of filing forms that reference alpha3, should these filings be updated to reference Alpha4?

Apologies the release page should have been updated, that will be updated tomorrow. We should have also updated the schemas to use the new PSCBaseTypes-alpha4, under time pressures to release the schemas to ensure everyone has the latest release we have missed a step in the process.
This will be rectified as soon as possible and we apologise for any confusion.