Schema for DS02 and AA02

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Please can you help me to find schema for DS02 (Withdrawal of striking off application by company (Section 1010)) and AA02 (Dormant company accounts (DCA) (Section 441)).

Is there any?

Also is there some reference that can be used to easily find a schema? For example NM01 schema name is ChangeOfName-v2-6.xsd

Without it it is quite difficult to find correct schema to be honest.


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Good afternoon Sergey,

Unfortunately, the DS02 can only be web-filed at present.

As regards the AA02, I would refer you to the following link relating to iXBRL

We do not have an official list of form referrences for each schema, I did draw up the following for a developer recently:


IN01 – Incorporation (This will change on 30th June 2016)

AR01 – Annual Return (To replaced by Confirmation Statement on 30th June 2016)

DATAREAD (Recommended prior to filing an Annual Return / Confirmation Statement, will change on 30th June)

AA01 – Change of Accounting Reference Period

AD01 – Change of Registered Office

AP01 - Appoint a Director
AP02 – Appoint a Corporate Director
AP03 - Appoint a Secretary
AP04 – Appoint a Corporate Secretary

CH01 – Change the details of a Director
CH02 - Change the details of a Corporate Director
CH03 - Change the details of a Secretary
CH04 - Change the details of a Corporate Secretary

TM01 – Terminate the appointment of a Director
TM02 – Terminate the appointment of a Secretary

SH01 – Return of allotment of shares

There are other enabled forms (Mortgage charges) and SAIL forms (basically changing the location of the company registers), but these are peripheral and more specialist.

I hope this helps.

Hi there!

Thanks for your reply, its is very useful and confirms many things we already managed to figure out.
I hope it will be useful for others as well