Schema names for release candidates once Live Date arrives


Will the latest available release candidate schemas automatically be renamed to without the -rcX as soon as the live date hits?

Ie. assuming CompanyData-v3-3-rc3.xsd is the final release candidate until the live date, will the schema name change to CompanyData-v3-3.xsd on 26/06/2017 @ 00:00 ?

Or will v3-3-rc3 continue to work and then you will also roll out v3-3 which will be and exact copy of v3-3-rc3 ?

Good afternoon Jared,

As with the changes that occured in June 2016, the schemas that will be active from the forthcoming implementation date will have the rc elements removed.

I will confirm more on this via an official communication as soon as I can.

I hope that helps.


Hi Simon,

Is there any confirmation on this yet?
With only a few days to go before the transposition date, several schemas (e.g. Confirmation Statement, PSCStatement Notification & withdrawal) are still at ‘release candidate’ stage on the Schema Status page.


@fergus_oneill I followed up with Simon via email on Tuesday asking “Should we remove eg. -rc3 from the schema name at 26/06/2017 00:00:01?” and he said:

As far as I am aware Jared, yes (as nobody has told me otherwise!).

We are proceeding with that intent.

Great Jared, thanks for the update!