Special character sending in company name while company incorporation

We have filed a company with & operator in the company name. We submitted this company using XML Form Submission. When we send company name with & operator like as XXXXXX & XXXXXX but it shows error while submitting xml. Then we replace & with html entity XXXXXX html entity of & XXXXXX and submit it to companies house. Now submission success full.

But when we get status and see company name register with html entity of &

Can you please suggest us how we can pass special character in company name ?



XML uses several characters in special ways as part of its markup, in particular the less-than symbol (<), the greater-than symbol (>), the double quotation mark ("), the apostrophe ('), and the ampersand (&). The XML Specification defines the five entity references for use in any well-formed XML document

Please send me an email to snicholas@companieshouse.gov.uk and I will supply you with the relevant entity references.