Statement of capital

Can you please let me know what amount is planned to be included in TotalUnpaidAmount for companies that have unpaid shares that have not submitted a new style statement of capital in the CompanyDataResponse. Will your systems be calculating this based on the information currently held for unpaid shares? If not what will be included in the CompanyDataResponse?

On a connected subject can you please confirm that all SH01, SH02, SH05, SH06, SH07, etc that include a statement of capital that it is the submission date that will drive what statement of capital should be included rather than the date of the transaction. Ie if the date of the share split is 25 June 2016 but the form is not submitted until 1 July 2016 that the statement of capital should be the new version and not the old version?

Sorry for the delay in responding I have struggled to get you an answer during the bank holiday period, I will try to get you an answer today, apologies.

Hello Philip,

The transitional arrangement for the new statement of capital is that anything received on or after the 30th June will require the new style statement of capital. So regardless of when the actual transaction took place i.e. prior to 30th June, if the form is received on or after 30th June we will require the new style statement.


It will return 0 in TotalUnpaidAmount