Submission Number Characteristics


I have been trying to submit a confirmation statement using test gateway and I am not sure of the submission number characteristics like:

  1. what is Min. length of submission number?. (Max. characters length is 6)
  2. will the gateway accept alphanumeric characters or just numbers?
  3. Will the xml gateway in test mode reacts the same way as live mode if I use duplicate submission number?

Kindly help me in answering these questions. Thanks in Advance!


Have you remembered to MD5# your submission number and authentication value please?

Yes, the gateway will accept alphanumerics.



Before submitting, MD5# of authentication value is implemented but that’s not the case with Submission Number.

Yes, sorry - its the presenter ID and value that needs to be MD5#.

Have you tried to submit any test data yet please, and are getting errors? if so, please put in an email to and I will have a look at it for you.