Submit SIC Codes on an LLCS01

Do Companies House permit the submission of SIC Codes on the LLCS01 when submitting a confirmation statement for an LLP?

SIC code changes should always be advised via the Confirmation Statement PJ.


Thanks @snicholas.

On each occasion we attempt to send a SIC code on an electronic LLCS01, we get this response from Companies House… ERROR Type: Fatal Code: 9999 Details: SICCODES cannot be provided for LLPs

Do Companies House intentionally block SIC Codes from being submitted on an electronic LLCS01?

Thanks. PJ

Can I clarify that it is a “change of name” schema you are referring to? If so, I can confirm that it is not possible to advise an SIC code for an LLP or any other type of company in this way.

You advise an SIC on incorporation, and change an SIC via a Confirmation Statement - there are no other ways of doing this.


Very sorry… I’ve been saying LLCH01 when I meant LLCS01.

I’m referring to the confirmation statement schema, and using it to file an electronic confirmation statement for a Limited Liability Partnership. On a separate post on this forum titled 'SIC codes on Incorporation ', @npreece said “As for LLPs and SIC Codes there should be validation on the latest schema preventing you from including SIC Codes in an LLP incorporation”.

What I want to know is, do Companies House similarly apply validation to the confirmation statement schema preventing inclusion of SIC Codes in an LLP confirmation statement? The error message returned by Companies House suggests there is, and I’m just asking for that to be confirmed.

Good morning PJ,

As LLP type entities do not need to supply SIC codes, the Confirmation Statement would indeed validate on this, and reject if the relevant element was included.