Subscribers with shares in multiple share classes

How would we report a subscriber who holds shares in multiple share classes? E.G Joe Bloggs holds 100 shares in ORDINARY share class and holds 50 shares in PREFERENCE share class?

Would we repeat the Subscriber element twice, giving all of Joe Bloggs information (Name, Address, Personal Authentication Details) twice?

Hello Paula

I’ll try and get you an answer to this today


Nigel Preece
Scrum Master

Hello Paula,

Sorry for the delay with this. We are continuing to work on a response on this for you, but its taking a bit longer than expected as some investigation is required. We will get back to you on this as soon as possible, hopefully on Monday.


Hi Simon,

Is there any update on this query?



We released Alpha4 version of the INC on Friday to cater for multiple share classes, hope this clears it up for you