Super Secure Individual

The new schemas have a new choice for the type of person under each of PSCNotification, PSCLinkedStatement, IncorporationPSCNotification, PSCChange and PSCCesation but this then has a requirement of just ‘true’ against it without entering the person’s details. Is this true or is this linked to an Individual notification?

Looking at the pdf version the section 790ZF exemption is linked to an individual person with the full details?

Sorry can you confirm what you are trying to file as I am little confused. As if you are filing an INC then out of the elements you mention you only get IncorporationPSCNotification.


It is both for the confirmation statement and the incorporation submission

I hope I am following the question …
The new element is SuperSecureIndividual which is for 790ZG super secure protection, which is different to 790ZF, it only has the option of true as if the PSC is super secure you cannot electronically file.
790ZF is in the same place as directors it sits under ResidentialAddress as it only applied to people and not corporates.
Hope that helps

Thanks, so this can basically be ignored and we ensure that companies with PSCs with section 790ZG protection cannot do electronic submissions for PSC notifications, etc.

yes thats the case. thanks