Supporting Documents - Document Category

Can I confirm that the following document categories for attached documents are used as Incorporation supporting documents as follows:

MEMARTS - Used to send through a Memorandum or Association or Articles of Association
SUPPNAMEAUTH - Used to send through a document to support the allocation of a name needing authorisation
SUPPEXISTNAME - Used to send through a document to support the use of an existing name

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Hello Paula,

Basically you are correct:

MEMARTS and BESPOKE covers the Memorandum and Articles attachments.
SUPPNAMEAUTH covers an attachment containing permission to use a certain word deemed to be sensitive under the Companies Act.
SUPPEXISTNAME covers an attachment containing confirmation that this company will form part of the same group as a company already on the register, deemed to have a name too similar to the proposed one.
DEED / DEEDSUPP are only relevant to the registration of mortgage charges.

I hope this helps.