Test sites unavailable?

We’re trying to access the beta gateway but it seems to be taking a very long time to respond, same for the alpha gateway.

Are they down for maintenance and if so is there an ETA when they’ll be available again?

While the sites came back up yesterday afternoon they still seem to be sluggish and we’re getting quite a few timeouts occurring.

We’re going to increase the tolerance here for now and hope that helps with making connections.

Sorry for any problems, we have had people testing Incorporations without problems but we are currently having a problem with the confirmation statement which we are investigating. Thanks for you patience in this matter

The entire gateway is down, not just the forms mentioned.

Please can you give some indication when you plan to take the the url\site down.

Just to echo what Mark said, this was a problem with the whole service being down, not just individual messages failing.

We couldn’t access the schema status page, any of the individual schemas, nor the gateway itself. That was resolved yesterday afternoon (sometime after 3pm IIRC) but the whole service is still running slowly and we occasionally get timeouts trying to connect to or communicate with the gateway.

I understand that access to the BETA site has now been restored.

Please accept our apologies for this morning`s problems.