Testing incorporation submissions - CH end

After submitting a successful incorporation request what’s the best way to get it checked and approved at the Companies House end?

Should we be using the old process or do the alpha endpoints need to be treated differently?


No incs will be processed for alpha submissions. All you get is that it’s been successfully submitted.

When the new alpha schemas are fully implemented at the end of June you can check approval by CH by using the normal get submission status checks.

Nigel Preece

I presume then there will be a cross over period when the old schema and new schema will work together, how long will this be?

The changes for the new act will be implemented for June 30th. Any incorporations received on the 29th (or before) will be processed before the new software is implemented.

The current live schema will then be deprecated. The same will apply to all schema currently on the alpha site; their current live equivalents will be deprecated.

I understand there will be some general communication on this from Companies House.

Nigel Preece

But if it’s not possible to fully test the new schema now we can’t be expected to switch over immediately without testing. There must be a crossover period of some kind!

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Is anyone able to answer this or has someone found a way to mitigate against the lack of testing?

Please can someone from Companies House confirm if there will be or will not be a test\approval system for Incorporation prior to the go live date.

I would also like to have some word on this from the developers.

There is no facility for end to end testing of new schemas before an implementation.

As far as I’m aware we’ve never provided a facility other than synchronous schema validation and checking that the submission has been accepted for processing (pending?) by using GetSubmissionStatus.

Nigel Preece

During development with the old schema we have been able to submit a record and then get someone at companies house to check it and mark it as a success or failure.
We really need an equivilent for this new one before launch.

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You should be able to try this against our beta service but you will need to contact Simon Nicholas snicholas@companieshouse.gov.uk to arrange.