Validating Incorporations

When we submit an Incorporation to the alpha gateway, we’re getting a non-error response even if most of the details are missing completely (such as no Registered Office, Appointments, CompanyType, Statement of Capital etc). Only a few elements will generate errors when missing (PSCs, Document, Authoriser).

Are the tests we submit being validated against the schemas? I understand they’re not being processed and accepted/rejected, but shouldn’t it raise some kind of validation error if I omit, for instance, the registered office completely? I’m unsure of what is actually being validated/testing when using this gateway. Any clarification would be appreciated.

@ashwakeman I’ve just tried a few of these and get appropriate validation errors. I removed company type and then removed the ROA.

If you want to send me your xml I’m happy to try and replicate.

Nigel Preece

Sent you a message… well several as I struggled to get the formatting readable!

I may have figured it out.

It looks like validation for Registered Office, Appointments, Subscribers and Statement of Capital only kicks in when I have a CompanyType element.

No CompanyType = No errors
Invalid CompanyType = Enumeration error
Valid CompanyType = Validation errors for Appointments etc.

That sounds logical to me. Different company types mean different information is required, for example SIC codes are not required for LLPs.

Glad you sorted it out.

Nigel Preece