Validation for Change in Individual PSC Details (PSC04 form PSCChangeDetails schema)


for the Confirmation Statement we had implemented validation which stated that the Nationality and CountryOfResidence fields are mandatory if a change of individual PSC were submitted. The schema for PSCChangeDetails does not have these fields as mandatory.

We are assuming that this was extra business validation which may have been documented in the no longer available validation site (

Could you confirm if this validation is still in place for the individual PSCChangeDetails form?

Kind Regards,

Hi Paddy,

I will have to liaise with various colleagues and come back to you on this.


Good morning Paddy,

These elements ere not shown as mandatory on the CS01 on the live schema page – The alpha schemas you refer to were an early release (pre the 30th June 2016 changes) and had been modified by both beta and live versions prior to that date.