Web-Filing validation on PSC data for incorporations

In regards to the web-filing incorporation system, do Companies House have any plans to implement validation to prevent a user submitting an application with no PSCs in cases where it’s clear that a PSC should be present (e.g. a single shareholder with 100% of the issued capital)?

Will there be a disclaimer or warning to advise users that they are submitting an application with no PSC data? If so do you have any recommended text to use in such cases?

Its a mandatory section on any new incorporation from the 30th June on the XMLGW and WebFiling so we dont have warning text as such if trying to submit without PSC data as its not possible. You either provide a PSC statement or a PSCs details.

I see that is covered on the Schema, however in the Context of “NoPSCStatement”, I’m wondering what text you will be displaying on WebFiling for this condition and whether that will be a tick box or a drop-down menu with a number of reasons why there are no PSCs.

Incorporation is very different to giving PSC statements when a company already exists, as there are 7 PSC statements. For an incorporation you can only give 1 statement and its basically a tick box.